56x45x25cm Hand Luggage 22x18x10 Inches

Use this site to find hand luggage 56x45x25 cm (22x18x10 Inches). Many airlines specify the maximum size for hand luggage (carry on baggage) at this size including easyJet. Use this site to find cabin bags that will get you through the departure gate and fit in the overhead locker.

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We all have heard stories about people who were carrying cabin hand luggage only onto an aeroplane, but it turned out to be fraction too big for the airlines regulations and they were not allowed to take it onboard and the luggage check in had closed. Nightmare!

We are shortly launching our range of airline hand luggage but in the meantime use the search box above to find what you need.

Airlines that specify the 56x45x25cm on board hand luggage size.

Users should double check hand luggage size with the airline before traveling, they can change with little notice.